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High Pressure Valves




High Pressure Pattern Directional Control Spool Valves  

  • HP03 pattern valves rated for 15 U.S. gpm at 10 000 psi (57 L/min at 700 bar)
  • HP05 pattern valves rated from 5 to 25 U.S. gpm at 8000 psi (19 to 95 L/min at 560 bar)
  • Simple spool valves eliminate complex valve circuits for four-way control in high pressure systems 
  • Full range of actuators, spools and electrical options

HP03 High Pressure Dir Control Valve


HP05 High Pressure Dir Control Valve




VST Series Seated Valves 

  • High pressure with low leakage
  • Reliable shifting with non-silting ball-on-seat design
  • Two position, two-way valves, rated for 1 U.S. gpm at 15 000 psi (3,8 L/min at 1040 bar), for low flow venting functions
  • Two position, three-way valves, rated for 5 U.S. gpm at 10 000 psi (19 L/min at 700 bar), for load holding functions

VST Seated Control Valve






Accessory Sandwich Valves 

  • High pressure VSW Series, with HP03 mounting interface, are rated for 10 000 psi (700 bar)
  • VSW Series, with HP05 mounting interface, are rated for 8000 psi (560 bar)
  • Functions include flow control, relief, pressure reducing, counterbalance, decompression, and check valves




Electro-Hydraulic Remote Proportional Actuators

A Remote Proportional Actuator (RPA) produces output rod displacement proportional to an electrical input signal.
The RPA can be used to remotely control variable displacement pumps and motors. It can also stroke spools of large valves, throttle controls, clutches or brakes.


1200 lbs (5,33 kN) Output Force

SA Series


Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Relief Valves
Relief valves with manual control allow you to simply regulate maximum pressure. Models with electric vent control are available in either “normally-open” or “normally-closed” configurations.
Electro-hydraulic models provide remote control for infinitely variable pressure settings up to the maximum pressure.
50 GPM at 15,000 PSI (190 l/min. at 1040 bar)

75 GPM at 9,000 PSI (284 l/min. at 620 bar)

H8819 Series

Towler Directional Control Valves

  • Working maximum pressure of 7250 psi (500 bar)
  • Flow ratings up to 2000 litres/min

Towler VD


High Pressure Relief Valves
  • Size: 1/16" - 5/16 "
  • Max Pressure: 4135