Magnaloy's accessory line includes many reservoir accessories for use with Magnaloy's Reservoirs.  These include a complete selection of the following:

• Filler Breather Caps

• In-Tank Suction Strainers

Modular Cushion Clamps

• Filter Heads & Elements  


Liquid Level Gauges

Gauge Isolators

Motor Dampening Bars


'LGM' Level Gauge Manifold
DMIC ‘LGM’ is a manifold with positive shutoff valve(s). Mounts to reservoir, allowing Level Gauge to be replaced, with minimal fluid leakage.
'LGD' Level Gauges
DMIC’s new Level Gauge brings the quality oriented power unit builder an alternative to breakage prone, low cost level gauges. DMIC’s innovative “floating ball” design works with all principal hydraulic fluids.
'LGL' Level Guages
DMIC introduces the ‘LGL’ Custom Length Level Gauge, for customers building very large power units or requiring fluid level indication of enormous reservoirs.
'LGA/LTA' Level Gauges
DMIC’s design includes reasonable calibration of the thermometer, better mounting of the thermometer to the backing plate, and o-ring sealin.
'TRM' Remote Well
DMIC’s ‘TRM’ Remote Well installs in the reservoir or with specially optioned ‘LGM’ Level Gauge Manifolds.
'FB' Filler Breathers Chrome Plated 6-Bolt Bayonet & NPT Screw-On 40 Micron Air Filtration at air flows to 27 CFM.

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Wide Range of Components for the Construction of Hydraulic Tanks, Reservoirs and Power Units for the Mobile and Industrial Hydraulic Industry.

Clamping Systems for

• Pipes

• Tubes

• Hoses

• Cables

• Components

•Custom-Designed Special Clamps


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