Piston Type Accumulators


accumulator piston type

The variety and versatility of the piston-type design allows it to be utilized in over 90% of all potential applications. 

From a volume of a few cubic inches to hundreds of gallons, and up to 20,000 PSI MAWP, the piston-type hydro-pneumatic accumulator can meet the diverse needs of many industries with a standard or custom design.

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Bladder Type Accumulators


accumulator bladder type


The typical bladder accumulator makes use of the considerable differences in the relative compressibility between a gas and a fluid. 

 A typical design consists of a   gas proof elastomer membrane enclosed within a steel shell. The membrane contains compressed gas (normally dry nitrogen) and separates the gas from the hydraulic fluid. The compressed gas provides a pneumatic spring action to force stored hydraulic fluid from the accumulator into the system as needed.