Yuken pumps offer variable pressures (low, medium & high), please look at the following for more inforamtion:


A Series Catalog


AR Series Catalog


New pump series for the industrial and mobile markets. Features a load sense compensator, 4000 PSI rating, and higher shaft speeds.

A3H Series Catalog


Variable Displacement, Pressure Compensated Axial Piston Pumps


Features and Benefits

  • Hardened swashplate for extended trunnion life
  • Balanced piston shoes for high efficiency 
  • Replaceable port plate and wear plate simplify maintenance
  • Efficiently designed porting for reduced noise
  • Four pump controls offer design flexibility
  • Tandem pump options for multiple pump applications
  • Maximum volume control is standard for application versatility
  • High speed operation for mobile applications
  • Heavy duty cylinder block and body castings provide long life and reduced noise

Product Description

The variable volume and pressure compensated design simplifies circuit design, and reduces heat buildup and noise.  Four pump control options permit the designer to choose the most efficient means to power his hydraulic equipment.  Choices include the standard pressure compensator control, remote pressure control, load sensing control, and horsepower limiting control. 

Brass piston slippers pivot and rotate to equalize wear while a fluid passage through the slipper reduces loading and provides lubrication for the piston shoe and wear plate.  Hardened swash plate and trunnion pins provide rugged support for the piston block and associated rotating group components. 

Efficiently designed porting reduces noise at all pressure and flow levels for quiet, efficient operation that eliminates the need for noise shrouds.  The rugged, cast iron body is thicker at stress points which contributes to quiet operation.



  • Mountings: SAE 2 bolt mountings.  SAE ‘A’, SAE’ B’, and SAE ‘C’
             Tandem pump drive capabilities 
  • Capacities: 6, 10, 15, 20 29 GPM @ 1750 RPM
  • Displacements: .88, 1.26, 2.09, 2.62, and 3.78 cubic inches per revolution 
  • Pressure Compensation Ranges: 200 to 3500 PSI continuous duty, up to 4000 PSI intermittent duty
  • Recommended Fluids:
    • Petroleum based fluids are recommended.  Fluids should be designated by the fluid manufacturer for use in hydraulic systems.  Fluids should contain inhibitors to prevent rust and oxidation and should contain anti-wear, anti-foam, and deaerating agents.  For other fluid types, please contact your Continental Hydraulics representative.
  • Recommended Operating Viscosity
    • Petroleum based fluids:
      • Optimum – 140 sus (30 Cst.) 
      • Continuous Minimum – 60 sus (10 Cst.) 
      • Continuous Maximum – 750 sus (160 Cst.) 
      • Max cold start up 7500 SUS
    • Fluid Cleanliness – ISO 18-16-13 is recommended
  • Operating Temperature – Operating temperature is determined by the viscosity characteristics of the fluid used. Control operating temperature as needed to assure that fluid viscosity is within acceptable limits. Because high temperatures degrade seals, reduce the service life of the fluid, and create scalding hazards, fluid temperatures should not exceed 180° F. (82° C.) at the case drain. 
  • Mounting Position – Unrestricted. However, horizontal mounting is preferred. 
  • Relief valves are recommended for all applications to help protect personnel and the system from potentially damaging overloads

Options and Accessories 

  • Pressure Compensated - Delivers only the flow required by the system, while maintaining the set pressure.  This reduces horsepower needs and saves unnecessary wear on the system. 
  • Remote Pressure Control – Includes all the features of the standard control, with the added feature of pressure control from a remote location.  This can be accomplished both manually, or with the utilization of an electronic proportional pressure control.
  • Load Sensing Control – Provides constant flow through a given orifice and varies pressure with load requirements.  Results in maximum efficiency and minimum heat generation.
  • Horsepower Limiting Control – Best choice for high pressure/low flow and high flow/low pressure systems.  You can adjust the pump to meet your exact system requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Mobile equipment
  • Marine auxiliary power
  • Construction equipment
  • Oil field equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Metal forming and stamping
  • Packaging machinery
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